Sunday, 20 March 2016


Today I want to talk about NAIL ART... It's something I'm into since a long time but lately I'm watching a lot of tutorials on youtube and follow a lot of pages on Instagram coz I want to try to get better ! What can I say about nail art?? Well I guess every girl on this planet knows about it. There are so many types of nailart but actually I like using the dotter a lot. 
You can different types of nailart with that especially pois and flowers.

Here there are some of my fave nail arts done by me ofc. They are really simple. If you wanna try them just check the instagram acc @nailsvideos and you will find a lot of good tutorials about nailarts, Next step will be trying to do more complicate nail arts as the nail art water marble one for exemple or some nail art with watercolors .... Wish me luck ;) If anyone likes nail arts too let me know below I'd like to discuss with others about this topic :p

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