Friday, 22 April 2016


Hey guys I'm back and this time this post will be in english again.. First of all coz I wanna improve my english and I need to write as much as I can and second coz why not? Hahah
Soooo today I wanna write a short post about what I think of society and what means for me being myself everyday. I've decided to talk about this coz yesterday I had an animated conversation with one of my friend that was kinda depressed for not having a boyfriend and coz as she said she spent her time to create her own general culture and be curious about everything for built her own personality for nothing coz in the end  guys  like skinny  girls and she is not. Unfortunately I can't deny that the first impression is important and ofc everyone likes beautiful things and  beautiful girls or guys are always much appreciated. But now my question is " Why I have to spend my life to be something I'm not and be scared or depressed coz I'm not skinny or I'm not that beautiful??" It's so stupid and usuless spend my own life to reach goals for others or coz I wanna be accepted from this society that base everything on the look. Everyone is different and this is what is important in life BE DIFFERENT!!!
What I said yesterday to my friend is to not be afraid of what you are and to continue be curious about everything , do new experiences and enjoy life in general. If I wanna lose weight or start wearing more elegant dresses or I don't know start taking care of myself more is coz I want to not coz I wanna that guys stare at me and coz I wanna find a boyfriend. I think that if it's destiny someone will notice me and I will fall in love with someone that appreciate me for what I'm with my good and bad qualities even if  I don't look like a model. It's not important if I wear confy stuff or if I go out without having perfect hair or a perfect make up or If I go  to concerts instead to go to dance or in a club. Who cares about this stuff. Importat stuff are different.
So yeah my advice is to build your own personality with experiences and do stuff for yourself not for others. Don't be scared to be what you really are coz soon or later people will start appreciate the genuine you. 
xoxo Kokeshi

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